How to resolve, “File Access is denied” error while importing a PST file

There are huge numbers of people who use MS Outlook for exchange of emails. Some love it for the sheer ease of use while others are a fan of its wide range of features. It enables users to create backup, store extra emails separately or work offline as well. One of the indisputable reasons of using MS Outlook is the feature that it stores messages, contacts, appointments, tasks or notes in a PST or Personal storage Table file. It stores almost everything that a mailbox consists of and can be retrieved as and when desired.

There are times when user might lose email data due to accidental mailbox deletion or some virus corruption. This suddenly damages all data and many times, user is left with nothing. PST files serve as backup during such times. However, there are times when user might create a new email account and try to include mailbox data in it. In order to import the PST file from that computer to the new one or new location he might face some issues.

For example, if you try to import the PST files from a CD ROM to your computer, you might face the following error that says, “File Access is denied”

This errors comes in-spite of using Outlook Import and Export Wizard. In the Import dialogue box, you might see the error message saying:

“Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use.”

When you click OK, you might get following error saying:

“File access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file c:\path_name”

Being a common issue, this is faced by many users on a day to day basis. This arises because, when you burn a particular file to the CD Rom and forget to change the file attributes from read only property it gives the aforementioned error. Under such circumstances, user must save these files from CD Rom first to the computer and then clear its read only property.

After changing its attributes, when you click on Import function and click OK, there might be a chance your PST file is already corrupt. What would you do in such instances? Either use inbuilt Microsoft’s utilities or try third party the Repair Outlook PST  Software. This software is easy to use, interactive and best tool to perform quick and efficient recovery of PST files. It scans corrupt outlook PST files and displays the data in hierarchical form after recovery. User can preview and save these files in EML or MSG format. Entire user mailbox is repaired using the Outlook PST Repair tool. The latest version of this tool supports Windows 8 and MS Outlook 2013 as well. Accurate and proficient, this tool is also available in free trial edition for users to try before purchase. The free version can repair and show you the recovered file. However, to save all these files, one must purchase complete utility.


When you try to import PST file from CD ROM directly, it may lead to Access denied error. What’s more, even if you succeed, the PST files may get corrupt. The software is the best tool to depend on for swift and accurate PST file recovery.